2012 Acura ZDX

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Introducing the 2012 Acura ZDX.  Introducing Next

Next is a blank sheet of paper

Start fresh. Rethink the process of how a vehicle evolves. Keep what works and change what could be better. Give the designers and engineers free reign to explore, uncover and refine. The result: the boldest Acura ever designed.

Next is finding harmony in contrast

Traditional automotive design can be a closed loop. Manufacturers look to each other for guidance and approval. Simply put, the ZDX doesn’t look like other vehicles because it’s inspired by a world set apart from other vehicles.

Next is an unbroken line

It’s called “design integrity”: the notion that every part should relate to every other part to form a cohesive whole. Both the interior and exterior of the ZDX were developed side by side, the designs of each skillfully and perfectly complimenting those of the other. Whether glimpsing it from a distance or sitting behind the wheel, the vehicle conjures the same feeling: Next.

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Reviews of the 2012 Acura ZDX

The 2012 ZDX merges dramatic styling and excellent performance with the latest advanced technology. It has a commanding presence with outstanding performance and its new dimensions “allow the ZDX to offer a driving character that is as confident as its appearance is dramatic.” The 2012 model also has a warm, intimate, inviting interior that is as refined and sophisticated as any model Acura has ever produced.

-Auto Spectator (Read the Full Review)

The newest model of the ZDX is well-designed and engineered. It’s “surprisingly light and agile” for a vehicle of its size and weight and the design brings to mind a “fastback coupe shape on steroids.” On the inside, the ZDX is spacious and adorned with plenty of features and technology. It also has a host of excellent safety features including the Blind Spot Information system.

-The Auto Channel (Read the Full Review)


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